Kindness into schools

What is it?

On 8th December 2015 after feeding over 10,000 children with food waste the idea for Fuel for School was born. As Part of the Fuel for School Program TRJFP Leeds diverts surplus food to Primary schools on a weekly basis and provides grass roots education around food waste and the environmental impacts. We believe by educating the next generation at a grass roots level we can solve some of the food waste issues that we experience today within their lifetime.The core objectives for Fuel for School is to empower young people to REALLY feed the world by –

  • Removing hunger as a barrier to learning* and to improve educational outcomes for the children of the school. * See UN Sustainable Development Goal 2SD
  • Enabling schools and their families to have access to surplus food on a Pay As You Feel (PAYF) basis.

This food can be used for any purpose; a market stall, provisions towards school breakfasts, to subsidise after-school dinners, or simply as food parcels for chosen families. Schools have much more freedom to choose as they see fit with the produce we supply. This means we’re feeding thousands of children across the region this year and spreading the message of being kinder to each other, our food and the planet!

How can our school join?

 Email [email protected] to receive a copy of TRJFP’s SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Feedback from some of our partners

We’ve had so much fun with the produce.

Mrs Whittaker, Broomfield SILC

To be able to concentrate you have to have energy inside you. This school loves The Real Junk food Project and Adam Smith so much.

Mr Dyson, Parklands Primary School