We intercept surplus food destined for waste. ‘Interception’ is the point where food has been deemed no longer fit for sale; expired past its date, surplus to requirements, suffered accidental damage, damaged outer packaging… the list is endless.

We collect donations from supermarkets, distribution centres, hospitality, farms, events, the third sector and many more food establishments. We have long term partnerships, ad hoc agreements, personal and professional relationships with individuals in the food industry. There is nowhere we haven’t intercepted food from, and we never reject food.

Most food we receive for free, however, some produce we must subsidise the costs for receiving. This includes transport costs and labour.

Since 2013, we have intercepted 5866 tons of food globally, this is the equivalent to 13.9 million meals.

Our skilled volunteers transport, process and quality control every gram of food we intercept. The edible food is made available to everyone through our activities; catering, Sharehouse, Magic Boxes, schools and much more. Inedible food is either sent to feed livestock or anaerobic digestion, where it is turned into energy and fertiliser.

If you would like to get involved and need one of our interceptors to come to the rescue of food waste, please contact Sarah, our Head of Logistics. Email [email protected] today and we’ll be in touch ASAP.