Our impact

Since our inception in 2013, we have prevented over 6000 tons of surplus food from becoming waste, this is the equivalent of 14.3 million meals diverted into bellies and not bins!

At the end of 2016, TRJFP had inspired over 120 projects using the PAYF (Pay As You Feel) model to be created, across 7 countries including Japan, South Korea, Germany (Berlin), Israel and France (La Rochelle). This is something we are all incredibly proud of, and to this day, we continue to have positive relationships with those projects which are still active.

Our ‘Kindness’ ethos was launched in the summer of 2018, in collaboration with The Piece Hall, Halifax, and Incredible Edible Todmorden. We aim to inspire and empower people using the power of food, to be kind to themselves and one another.

During Covid-19, we collaborated with The Art House, Wakefield, and The Ridings shopping centre, to create the world’s first PAYF, zero-waste supermarket, open 7 days a week 10:00 – 15:00 – The Kindness Sharehouse.

Serving hundreds of people per day, The Sharehouse is open to everyone. It is the collection point for the Magic Boxes via Too Good To Go (TGTG), supports other third sector organisations with food, operates a social supermarket completely PAYF, and features a Zero-waste shop in collaboration with SUMA Wholefoods.

Between April and June 2020, TRJFP intercepted 800 tons of surplus food, the equivalent of over 1.9 million meals. This food was used to deliver isolation packs to people’s homes during lockdown, and to support up to 250 third sector groups per week across the West Yorkshire region.

From September 2020, TRJFP is launching one of the UK’s largest redistribution centres of surplus food, alongside its outside catering arm and community garden – The Kindness Warehouse, Stourton, South Leeds.

“Let’s REALLY feed the world”

Picture: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian The opening of the new 11,000 square foot purposely renovated warehouse by The Real Junk Food Project ,in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The Project is the only one in Britain which takes food from supermarkets and suppliers, which would be destined for landfill, and redistributes it. It deals with around 1,000 tonnes of surplus food per year. SEE PRESS RELEASE PICTURE TAKEN ON MONDAY 14 SEPTEMBER 2020