Due to the global food waste epidemic, we would encourage anyone thinking of it to go ahead and open a PAYF café or shop, organise themselves as a hub to distribute surplus food to their community, or anything else that will help our environment and our communities.

Our success is bittersweet, and we will only truly feel successful when we are no longer needed.  It has been built by several years of hard work, plenty of mistakes, some false starts, and a lot of wonderful volunteers.

We receive multiple enquiries every day from across the country and the world, requesting advice and guidance, expertise, or lessons learned by those setting up their own surplus food programmes.  We simply do not have the capacity to help start-ups on their journey, although we wish them every success.

The Real Junk Food Project and TRJFP names are trademarked, and we own the Intellectual Property.  The name must not be used without our permission, and no link to the TRJFP charity should be implied. Any unauthorised use is expressly prohibited.