Everything you need to know about becoming a TRJFP volunteer

As we enter the first weekend of the second national lockdown, we want to reach out and request as much support as possible. Here is our guide to everything you needed to know about becoming a TRJFP volunteer.

TRJFP Volunteer roles available

As a fast-growing social enterprise, we have unlimited amount of voluntary roles available for you to get involved. From admin to HR, social media to logistics, pickers & packers to drivers, we’re desperate for as many hands as possible.

Of course this next month is going to be tough for so many of us, but you don’t have to go through it alone.

Physical time helping out at one of our three locations, for as much or as little time as you can afford would be incredibly valuable to us.

In brief opportunities include admin, logistics, social media, gardening, catering and retail to name a few. It would aid our amazing team to do their jobs even greater than they already do.

Support for our volunteers

Additionally we invest in all our volunteers from training to potential recruitment as well as certifications and access to food. Come and be a part of a circular economy model that aims to empower and inspire.

Find out more about becoming A TRJFP Volunteer at our Open Days

Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th November

Come down to our Kindness Warehouse between 10:00 and 16:00, register and get inducted on the day. Location details here >>

If you would like to help the planet, give back to a local social enterprise, or just have a few spare hours at home and want to occupy your time, there is a role for you at TRJFP.

Register your details here and we’ll get you in for an induction ASAP.

In conclusion that was our guide to everything you needed to know about becoming a TRJFP volunteer. Together we can REALLY feed the world.