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Catering can be a wasteful business. We want to change that.

We are launching our biggest and most exciting Crowdfunder campaign yet, for £5000 to build a full catering kitchen on site at the Kindness Sharehouse Wakefield. The kitchen will offer training and placements to young care leavers from the Sanctuary Project, a semi-independent accommodation for young people leaving care in Wakefield. They do a fantastic job supporting these young people to live enriched lives and we're honoured to work with them to deliver Zelig.  Instead of focusing on their background as care leavers, we aim to empower them as individuals by seeing the difference they can make to their community and the planet and hopefully to gain fulfilling employment in the industry. With your help, we want to spread #kindness to more people in our community, and take the message of stopping food waste to new audiences.

But we need your support!

Catering provides a vital source of income for us and a self-sustaining zero waste food solution using only surplus ingredients. 

We need to raise £5000 to cover the basic costs for the build. The project is also up for £5000 of match funding from Legal & General. The money is available on a first-come-first-served basis between multiple projects, so to have as much support as quickly as possible is the goal. This extra funding means direct investment in our training to make Zelig the best experience possible for young people.

 Zelig Cafe Proposal

If you can, a pledge would mean the world to us, and a share and some kind words on social media goes a long way. Check out our our rewards on offer for different donation amounts. Help us build Zelig, spread #kindness and feed more bellies, not bins!

Crowdfunder update: we did it! 

Over £10,000 raised in one week by 117 supporters. We don't know what to say other than thank you 💚

If you still wish to donate, our page will be up for the next three weeks and you can support us by clicking the link below.

Other Ways to Donate

Change is inevitable.

Food waste doesn't have to be.

We believe our system is broken, but can be fixed.

We believe every single person should have access to food, as a human right.

This is how we end food waste.

How soon that happens is up to all of us.

TRJFP receives no government funding, so we rely heavily on the support of our community, far and wide, to ensure we can continue our mission. If you would like to support us, you can use the links below. Thank you for helping us REALLY feed the world.