Zero Waste

What is a zero waste shop?

We all know the use of single use plastics is bad for our environment and the planet as a whole. We are producing 300 million tons of plastic every year, about 50% of which is for single use purpose. Packaging accounts for just over 40% of plastic bag use. Annually, about 500 billion plastic bags are produced world wide. And an average plastic bag has a working life of just 15 minutes. (

Zero-waste shops aren’t just concerned with single use plastic. They’re also said to pay extraordinary attention to how the food they stock is produced and where it comes from.

The key benefits are:

● No plastic: The food is displayed in bulk, and you guys bring your own containers; plastic Tupperware, wax wraps, paper bags, glass and metal. Every time you use your own container, you are cutting down the plastic and food waste you are responsible for.

● Zero waste: All food that is set to expire will then go to the Sharehouse PAYF section. You can weigh out the exact portions you require and therefore encouraging people to buy only what they need.

● All products bought in bulk: We can display all our products at the Sharehouse, giving you an up-close-and-personal look of all produce. You can actually see what you’re buying, without all the packaging!

● Be aware of products’ origins: Having a zero-waste shop means dealing with suppliers who have the same priorities as you and buying local. Working with our partners at SUMA Wholefoods, we will be purchasing much needed groceries and other household items, allowing you, the public, to purchase these items at a heavily reduced price. This also lowers the impact on the environment, supports local business and stocks low-carbon items.

So how will it work?

  • A list of items and their prices will be displayed in the Sharehouse
  • Come along with your own containers; jars, plastic tubs, anything you like
  • Order your items (in 250g minimum orders)
  • We will weigh out your items into your chosen container
  • It is all PAYF.