Too Good To Go magic boxes

What is Too Good To go?

Each year, UK households throw away 4.5 million tonnes of edible food, estimated to be worth £14 billion.

For families, that’s £700 per year spent on food that ends up in the bin.

Too Good To Go is a social impact company, building a movement that helps everyone to fight food waste together. The app powers their efforts to impact wider societal change, making food waste a talking point everywhere from schools to households to parliament.

Who is it for?

Everyone! As long as you have a smart phone or tablet (or know someone who does), you can help save meals through Too Good To Go. A planet with no food waste is a better place to be. And together, we can make it happen.

Why is is a ‘magic’ box?

We call Too Good To Go orders ‘Magic’, because beyond knowing the gist of what your order contains (for instance, muffins and pastries, or sandwiches and salads), the contents are a total surprise. It works in everyone’s favour: stores get the flexibility they need to make sure nothing gets thrown away, and you get to enjoy an exciting – and delicious – discovery.

How does it work?

Follow these instructions to get food for you and your family:

  • Download the Too Good To Go app.
  • Search for your location on the app.
  • Have a look through the listed businesses and see what magic bags they have available.
  • We offer two sizes of magic boxes (referred to as ‘bags’ on the app) – select the one that suits your needs best. You can buy multiple boxes when available.
    • Family Box – contains approximately 10kg of groceries to enjoy.
    • Single person box – contains approximately 5kg of groceries to enjoy.
  • Once you have reserved your boxes, come along to the collection point as detailed on your order. It will either be at our Ridings store in Wakefield or our store at 47 Cleveland Street in Doncaster. Please note collection is during opening hours only. All boxes bought after 3pm are for collection the following day.
  • Please bring your own bags as we do not provide them.
  • Click here to find out more.