If you want to volunteer during the Covid-19 crisis follow the links below. We always appreciate kindness offered by the public, especially in such uncertain times. Information to register to volunteer in Bradford is yet to be confirmed, please be patient with us. 

Please watch our video update for information on our services during COVID-19. Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time.

Zelig Catering

Zelig logo

Zelig is the catering arm of The Real Junk Food Project. We consider ourselves to be catering chameleons, transforming food that would have otherwise been wasted into delicious meals. From weddings, conferences, and festivals, to lunches and buffets, there isn’t an event we cannot cater for.

Have we made you hungry? Enquire below to find out how you can help us to “REALLY feed the world” or for more information please email

Building Zelig Kitchen

From shipping containers….to Zelig Kitchen!

We’ve been hard at work partnering with Ace Container Services Ltd since our Crowdfunder to build Zelig kitchen out of reusable shipping containers. In just a week, we raised over £10,000 to bring our project to life. Having our own facility means we can expand what catering we can offer, cater for more events and stop even more food becoming waste. Not only that, but we will be a place of vital training and support for young people leaving care, who will come to us as trainees.

By empowering young people through huge positive contributions to their community and their personal development, we can inspire them to be the change and educate them on the difference they can make to the atrocities of food waste.

In the workshop, units are now starting to take shape! Doors and windows are now cut and in place. They will be ready for transport to our site over the next couple of weeks, where they will be joined, with electrics fitted and special floor installed.

Thank you to everyone who supported us through our Crowdfunder page to get this up and running. Watch this space for more updates as the project continues and the structure will be placed on site.

Schools Kindness Into Schools

Since inception in 2013, TRJFP has prevented over 5,000 tons of food from becoming waste – the equivalent of 11.9 million meals. This September we launched Kindness into Schools!

The Real Junk Food Project presents Kindness into Schools

We’ve listened to schools, teachers, students and parents, and have created a model designed to cater for any school’s needs.

Each week, we provide approx. 40Kg of surplus food, the equivalent of 4 x crates of food to 18 partner schools.

This food can be used for any purpose; a market stall, provisions towards school breakfasts, to subsidise after-school dinners, or simply as food parcels for chosen families. Schools have much more freedom to choose as they see fit with the produce we supply.

This means we’re feeding thousands of children across the region this year and spreading the message of being kinder to each other, our food and the planet!

For more information please email –

“We’ve had so much fun with the produce”

Mrs Whittaker, Broomfield SILC

“To be able to concentrate you have to have energy inside you. This school loves The Real Junk food Project and Adam Smith so much.”

Mr Dyson, Parklands Primary School

Our partners

We are proud to work with 18 schools this year across Leeds and Wakefield. Thank you to each partner school.

Food Delivery Service Level Agreements

We know how difficult it can be to run a business/charity and cover the costs to feed your guests, partners or end users. We have designed simple Service Level Agreements to support your organisation with a weekly delivery of food which suits your needs.

Enquire below to see if we can support you with food.

For more information please email –

Kindness Sharehouse Wakefield Pickup & Make Friends

Kindness Sharehouse Wakefield

In September 2018, we opened our Kindness Sharehouse in Wakefield at our Denby Dale location. It is the central hub for all our activities and the local community. We intercept perfectly edible food from partners from over 5000 sq. miles and process it and quality control it before we #FeedBelliesNotBins.

There are no prices on any of our produce. Everything is available Pay As You Feel for all. Our customers can equally access food no matter where they come from or what they have to give. This aims to eradicate the stigma attached to food poverty or food waste.

Fast forward to May 2020 and our Sharehouse now has a new location still in Wakefield but instead at the Ridings Centre. We still run operations from our original hub but now it is our warehouse and Zelig catering base.

Our new Kindness Sharehouse opens 7 days a week to the public. Our incredible team of volunteers work hard to support the smooth running of it. Do your shopping, collect your Freegan Box, volunteer your time… email for logistical and volunteering enquiries.

How to access The Ridings Centre Sharehouse

1) Queue from outside the shop. To ensure physical distancing, spaces have been clearly marked. A volunteer will let you know when it is safe to enter the shop. And sign you in ✍️
2) Clean your hands using the sanitiser provided.
3) Proceed to the allocated space in the PAYF section – clearly marked with yellow tape on the floor
4) Shop and take what you need. To help prevent cross contamination and ensure we can share, please only touch items you wish to take 👍
6) Donations can be placed in the red bucket 🙏

  • The Sharehouse will be stocked up with fresh produce 🥦, bread 🍞and other ambient products. Food stored in other sections of the shop may not be available as its intended for other purposes.
  • To reduce cross contamination, and to ensure high risk items like meat and dairy are kept at optimum conditions, we have made the decision to allocate chilled and frozen products to TGTG boxes only. Some chilled and frozen may become available in the shop, if we have enough to do so otherwise it will be limited and shared only via TGTG for the time being. This also ensures fairness and allows us to distribute as evenly as possible to as many people as possible.
  • We do not tolerate any disregard to these measures, or towards TRJFP personnel. This may result in you being asked to leave. We hope the reopening of the Sharehouse will be a success and give everyone access to food in a safe manner during these difficult times.
  • Please be kind to one another and our volunteers
  • Please be patient and respect physical distancing.

Kindness Sharehouse: York

We’re currently crowdfunding to bring our Kindness Sharehouse model to the York area. In just one year at Wakefield Sharehouse, we have intercepted approx. 160 tonnes of food. Therefore imagine what we can do if we bring this to York!

Go to our page to find out more and pledge to feed bellies not bins! Please share far and wide until September 16th! Help us bring #kindness to York!

PAYF Cafes Sit In!

Since inception in 2013 of our original “Pay As You Feel” café, TRJFP has inspired over 120 projects to form worldwide, stopping thousands of tons of food from becoming waste.

We currently run a PAYF cafe in Ripon called Wholemeal. It opens every Thursday 11:00-14:00 at Ripon Community House.

Our cafes form communal spaces for people to come together from all walks of life, eat nutritious food made from surplus produce and give back what they feel the service is valued at, through our PAYF model.


Food is valuable. And not just financially. Asking people to Pay As They Feel (PAYF) mean they engage with the real value of ingredients and appreciate the resources that go in food production, transportation and provision. There are no prices on any of our produce or menus. PAYF invites people to question their perception of waste and to reconnect with their food as a finite yet infinitely versatile resource.

It means people who may otherwise struggle to afford food can access fresh, nutritional produce and meals, contributing their skills and time in lieu of payment. Our cafes all over the UK are community spaces open to all keen to reconnect not only with food, but with each other. We feed human beings, no stigma attached.

Volunteer Help out!

Want to help the cause and meet some like-minded people?! No matter how big or small, we always appreciate kindness offered by the public. You can email us –, or enquire about the jobs listed below.

Freegan Boxes Pickup!

Originated in Birmingham, Freegan Boxes are a weekly act of protest against food waste that everyone can participate in; ready-made boxes filled by Sharehouse volunteers with groceries we intercept. A family of four can save 10kg of food from being wasted each week for £10. That’s on average 520kg of food a year! Prices cover our costs of interception, processing, quality control, and logistics. All food is Pay As You Feel (PAYF) and collected from your local Sharehouse or hub (see below). Each (full) box contains approx. £20 – £30 worth of food at RRP.  Prices cover cost of interception, processing, quality control, and logistics.

A volunteer packs intercepted food into Freegan Boxes at the Sharehouse in Wakefield

Our volunteers like Amy work hard to pack Freegan Boxes for over 100 families!

What does Freegan mean? Can I be a Freegan?

Freeganism originally as a concept was an amalgamation of free and vegan; living without taking part in large scale corporate economies with what you can get for free or by swapping and sharing resources. (You definitely don’t need to be vegan to benefit though, our boxes are suitable for all!) It gathered a lot of attention through people diving in bins to rescue food. We have built great relationships with supermarkets and suppliers so we don’t need to go bin diving anymore, but the principle and goal remains the same: get as many people involved with saving food waste as possible in a way that’s accessible to all!

“I love saving food and reducing waste with my Freegan Box. The surprise element is great, to see which food we’re going to get to use each week and even treats we wouldn’t usually get from the supermarket.”

Alice, Freegan Box Customer

Due to very high demand, we are not currently taking on any further Freegan Box customers. We have over 100 on the Wakefield waiting list alone. We will update you once we start to take on further customers. Thank you for your patience! If you require any further information please email


Pickup 7 days a week from the Kindness Sharehouse
Unit 1 & 2, Headway Business Park, Denby Dale Rd, Wakefield WF2 7AZ


Pickup Mondays & Wednesdays from the Golden Lion
Fielden Square, Todmorden OL14 6LZ