Freegan Boxes Pickup!

Born in Birmingham, the Freegan Box Project (FBP) is aimed at families, couples and individuals who wish to purchase their weekly groceries from TRJFP. Boxes can be full (approx. 10kg for £10), or half (approx. 5kg for £5) and can be collected from your local Sharehouse or HUB. Prices cover cost of interception, processing, Quality Control, and logistics. All food is PAYF, and each (full) box contains approx. £20 – £30 worth of food at RRP. 

To register your details, sign-up below at your closest location, for more information please email


Pickup 7 days a week from the Kindness Sharehouse
Unit 1 & 2, Headway Business Park, Denby Dale Rd, Wakefield WF2 7AZ


Pickup Mondays & Wednesdays from the Golden Lion
Fielden Square, Todmorden OL14 6LZ


Pickup Friday only from the Outback Community Kitchen & Garden
Lightowler Rd, Halifax HX1 5NB

Kindness Sharehouse Pickup & Make Friends

Born in September 2018, after a successful collaboration with Incredible Edible Todmorden at Piece Hall in Halifax, our Kindness Sharehouse based in Wakefield is a social supermarket for all. We intercept food from just about anywhere and bring it back to HQ, covering over 5000 Sq. miles. At the Sharehouse, we process and Quality Control all food donations, before we #FeedBelliesNotBins. Do your shopping, collect your Freegan Box, volunteer your time…
For volunteering and Service Level Agreement enquiries only, email:
Otherwise, please use

Zelig Catering

Zelig is the catering arm of TRJFP. We consider ourselves to be catering chameleons and can cater for your every need. From weddings, conferences, and festivals, to lunches and buffets, there isn’t an event we cannot cater for.

Enquire below to find out how you can help us to “REALLY feed the world”

For more information please email –

Schools Kindness Into Schools

Since inception in 2013, TRJFP has prevented over 5,000 tons of food from becoming waste – the equivalent of 11.9 million meals. Schools have played a big part in contributing to this, and from September 2019, we launch: Kindness into Schools.

We’ve listened to schools, teachers, students and parents, and have created a model designed to cater for any school’s needs.

Each week, we will provide 40Kg of surplus food (40,000g), the equivalent of 4 x crates of food. This food can be used for any purpose; a market stall, provisions towards school breakfasts, to subsidise after-school dinners, or simply as food parcels for chosen families. Schools will now have much more freedom to choose as they see fit with the produce we supply.

For more information please email –

PAYF Cafes Sit In!

Since inception in 2013 of our original “Pay As You Feel” café – Armley Junk-tion, TRJFP has inspired over 120 projects to form worldwide, stopping thousands of tons of food from becoming waste. Our cafes form communal spaces for people to come together from all walks of life, eat nutritious food made from surplus produce and give back what they feel the service is valued at, through our PAYF model.


Food is valuable. And not just financially. Asking people to Pay As They Feel (PAYF) mean they engage with the real value of ingredients and appreciate the resources that go in food production, transportation and provision. There are no prices on any of our produce or menus. PAYF invites people to question their perception of waste and to reconnect with their food as a finite yet infinitely versatile resource.

It means people who may otherwise struggle to afford food can access fresh, nutritional produce and meals, contributing their skills and time in lieu of payment. Our cafes all over the UK are community spaces open to all keen to reconnect not only with food, but with each other. We feed human beings, no stigma attached.

Food Delivery Service Level Agreements

We know how difficult it can be to run a business/charity and cover the costs to feed your guests, partners or end users. We have designed simple Service Level Agreements to support your organisation with a weekly delivery of food which suits your needs.

Enquire below to see if we can support you with food.

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