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The Real Junk Food Project is a collaborative effort to bring about a radical change in our food system. It’s a pretty simple idea with huge impact. Levels of global food waste are a disaster for our planet and the people that live on it. We save perfectly edible food that would otherwise not make it to your plate, and make it available to all on a Pay As You Feel basis.

Everything we intercept is processed, quality controlled and distributed through our network of cafes, Sharehouses, Freegan Boxes, schools and community groups to #FeedBelliesNotBins.

Why should you care?

Around 1/3 of food globally is wasted. Thats around 1.3 billion tonnes. Simultaneously, hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are living in poverty. A positive overhaul of our system is needed. We believe everyone should have access to enough food to sustain them - it’s a human right. The Real Junk Food Project provides the network to empower people in their community to make a difference. You may think “the problem is too big. I can’t do anything!”. Change is inevitable. Food waste doesn’t have to be.

What is Kindness?

Kindness is innate. Let's feed it. By stripping food back to its raw value, and operating on a model without the necessity for money, we can even out the playing field for access to food. As an environmental organisation, our main goal is always to stop food waste. But our social impact, of strengthening community, providing opportunities for contribution and empowering individuals are all a happy by-product of people reconnecting.

Our Story

From one humble Armley cafe set up in 2013 by founders Adam and Johanna, in five years The Real Junk Food Project has grown into an organic global network and inspired over 120 projects in 7 countries. TRJFP has saved 5000 tonnes of food, the equivalent of 11.9 million meals. Multiple cafes have opened not just across the UK but around the world, continuing to grow.

Our HQ, now in Wakefield, is our Kindness Sharehouse - a social supermarket stocked only with intercepted food, open 6 days a week. Our team is mainly staffed by volunteers, without whom our work across the UK would not be possible. And of course, there’s you, our wonderful supporters! Thank you for everything you do, spreading our message and combatting food waste. 

Still want to know more? Check out our press releases by visiting the page below.

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