About Us

Our Story

From one humble Armley cafe set up in 2013 by founders Adam and Johanna, in five years The Real Junk Food Project has grown into an organic global network and inspired over 120 projects in 7 countries. TRJFP has saved 5000 tonnes of food, the equivalent of 11.9 million meals. Multiple cafes have opened not just across the UK but around the world, continuing to grow.

Our HQ, now in Wakefield, is our Kindness Sharehouse - a social supermarket stocked only with intercepted food, open 7 days a week. Our team is mainly staffed by volunteers, without whom our work across the UK would not be possible. And of course, there’s you, our wonderful supporters! Thank you for everything you do, spreading our message and combatting food waste. 

Meet The Team

Our team is constantly expanding, allow us to introduce ourselves.

TRJFP CIC 10531029

Founder & CEO - Adam Smith

CIC Chair - Chris Doyle

CIC Director - Charlotte Jones

CIO Chair - Jonathan Straight

CIO Trustee – Duncan Milwain

Financial Director/ Northern Containers Director- Sean Birdsall

F/T Sharehouse coordinator - Lauren Goodfellow

P/T Sharehouse coordinator – Samantha Harper

Kindness Logistics – Sarah Wood

Local and National logistics Coordinator – Helen Stead

Freegan Box Coordinator - Faith Cavalli

Volunteer Coordinator – Lisa Heleniak

Isolation pack Coordinator – Jasmine Beale

Fundraiser and Schools Coordinator – Morag Carmichael

Bookkeeper - Karen Birdsall

Admin - Lisa Whyte

Elim Church Wakefield – Rev Sue Nichols

Bear Kitchen Owner – Ben Atkinson

Wakefield Street Kitchen and Zelig Chef – Anna Howard

PR & Media – Caroline Joynson

Sunshine Media – Clare Clifford

Social Media and website – Amy Gumbrell

LinkedIn and business relations – Hannah Casey


Read all about us! Download our Press Releases below to find out more. For any further questions, please contact media@therealjunkfoodproject.org