TRJFP feed thousands of families

Posted by Amy Gumbrell 27 May 2020

The Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP), Parklands Primary School and Dennis Distribution today joined forces. Their goal was to feed thousands of children and families across Leeds within a three-hour period this Friday. In just one day, their combined efforts helped to divert 19.5 tonnes of produce which is approximately 35,000 meals. This will stop tons of perfectly edible food from becoming waste, whilst feeding thousands of people during lockdown.

Food redistribution has not been attempted before on this scale. It has only been made possible by a huge collaborative effort. The effort started with the 19.5 tonnes of frozen chips kindly donated to TRJFP by McCains. This donation, along with many others, has been stored at Ace and Northern containers in Stourton. They have supported TRJFP with storage and volunteers during lockdown. Dennis Distribution collected the food. They made the delivery to Parklands Primary School. The food was then distributed to families across Leeds. And so this is how TRJFP really did feed thousands of families.

Mark Hodge: McCain

“As a family business we know the importance of families being able to come together at mealtimes. We’re really proud to be working with The Real Junk Food Project to provide frozen McCain chips to thousands of vulnerable families in Leeds. We’re proud to be able to work with such a great charity as we continue to step up our own efforts in these incredibly hard times.”

Adam Smith: TRJFP

“This is a collaboration of efforts to ensure that no one goes hungry during these unprecedented times, and once again TRJFP leads the way in providing food to everyone, by reacting to ad hoc situations within the food supply chain 

“Chris Dyson and I have worked together for many years now, with the aim of giving every single child at Parklands Primary school the chance to learn, whilst having a full belly. During the lockdown TRJFP and Parklands Primary have worked closely to provide as many families, and even neighbouring schools, as much food as possible.

“The hardship faced by so many shouldn’t be made more difficult by not having access to food. This is especially in an age where surplus is generated on such vast levels. This is simply people coming together to try and do the right thing and empower the young people to keep being positive.”

Chris Dyson: Parklands Primary School

“Parklands worked with Adam and the TRJFP when we were an inadequate school. One of the reasons we moved to outstanding is because of the unique special relationship me and Adam have forged over the past 6 years.  Fuel into bodies means increased concentration and a love for school who provide weekly treats. 120 families a week during this time have been accessing food from TRJFP.

“Meticulous planning was essential for this operation. The food will be distributed ALL over Leeds to every vulnerable family, in addition schools in Bradford will also have access to food. It’s the start of the adventure to ensure no child goes hungry.”

Andy Iveson: Dennis Distribution

“We are proud to be able to offer our expertise in Temperature Controlled Distribution to support TRJFP and Parklands Primary school in their fantastic collaboration to feed so many families in Yorkshire.

“We have only recently become involved in the pioneering work TRJFP are doing and hope we can continue to be a part of this in the future, a genuinely great project achieving great things.”

Adam Smith set up TRJFP in 2013. The Real Junk Food Project is a collaborative effort to bring about a radical change in our food system. A third of food is wasted globally; around 1.3 billion tonnes. But the perception of food waste is not always the reality; the food The Real Junk Food Project intercepts is “waste” simply due to structural problems in the food system. Goods are over-ordered, mislabelled or generally overlooked, not because they are all past its sell-by date. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Adam Smith mobilised TRJFP’s network of food suppliers, distributors and volunteers to feed the vulnerable. In short TRJFP have helped to feed thousands of families and continue to do so with a variety of activities.