Pay as you feel is back in Wakefield

Posted by Amy Gumbrell 21 May 2020

Our pay as you feel supermarket is back and ready for you. In the early days of the COVID-19, we continued to run our pay as you feel store in Wakefield albeit with some changes to ensure social distancing. However once lockdown hit, it was clear that the safety of our customers and volunteers would be compromised. With a heavy heart but for the right reasons, we temporarily suspended this service.

Why move?

We still run operations from our Denby Dale location so we haven’t left there completely. However the increase of interceptions meant that we couldn’t have customers arriving at the same time as lorries and vans. Safety is paramount at the best of times but with the unprecedented circumstances of a global pandemic, we must prioritise everyone’s wellbeing even more. Space was also a reason we had to move our Sharehouse. There is only so much room in our Denby Dale location. It was filling up with food and therefore space to pack boxes and deal with customers was at a premium. The final reason was that it just made sense and to be honest was something we had in the pipeline but hadn’t yet fully confirmed all the plans. The need to mobilise and get our new location up and running was essential.

The Ridings Centre, Wakefield

Our new Pay as You Feel Sharehouse occupies the old Yorkshire Linen shop in the Ridings Centre in Wakefield. The store is accessible to all and at the time of writing the car park in the Ridings is free. Up until 19th May, we operated on a pre-order basis only apart from those key workers collecting their free box. This was either the weekly subscription service of a freegan box or our new venture of a £10 magic box with the Too Good To Go App. (Click here if you would like to find out more) However as of Wednesday 20th May, customers can now turn up and use our pay as you feel supermarket.

Pay As You Feel reopens

To find out more about what TRJFP does as well as how you can access the Sharehouse, click here.

Many thanks for reading and as always, stay safe and let’s really change the world with Kindness!