Zelig Kitchen takes shape!

Posted by Rachel Trafford 26 Aug 2019

From shipping containers….to Zelig Kitchen! We’ve been hard at work partnering with Ace Container Services Ltd since our Crowdfunder to build ended in June. We can now say we have the beginnings of our chameleon kitchen!

In the workshop units are starting to take shape! Our doors and windows are now cut and in place. They will be ready for transport to our site over the next couple of weeks, where they will be joined, with electrics fitted and special floor installed.

Thank you to everyone who supported us through our Crowdfunder page to get this up and running. Can’t wait to update once we have everything on site. #kindness #feedbelliesnotbins

We’ve also passed the £2000 mark on our Crowdfunder to build York Sharehouse! Check out what we’re doing here and pledge if you can: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-real-junk-food-project-yo…. Just £373 until we’re at the half way point, with 53 backers so far! Thank you so much 💚