WRAP food waste report: shocking statistics. Lets be part of the solution.

Posted by Rachel Trafford 25 Jul 2019

The Real Junk Food Project comments on WRAP UK (Waste and Resources Action Program) report out today on the scale of food waste. The statistics are absolutely shocking:

– About 3.6 million tonnes of food surplus and waste occur before it even leaves UK farms every year, worth £1.2 billion.

– 7.2% of all food harvested is wasted, including surplus food.

This covers from the moment a crop is ready to harvest/animal to be slaughtered, and assesses surplus and waste arising from processes to get it to shelves.

Read more here: http://www.wrap.org.uk/…/food-surplus-waste-primary-product…

These figures show: the time for action is now. This level of waste has unacceptable environmental and social consequences for our planet.

Assuming most of this is perfectly edible food they are staggering figures. Shockingly, food is rotting in landfill and wastes crucial land, water and human resources in its growing and production. Measurement with data and detailed research is key to bringing the true extent of the problem to light.;”>fildena side effects contacts tadacip reviews how long do antibiotics last in the body

But we know change can happen. Food is valuable and to be cherished. Reconnecting with our resource is key.

The Real Junk Food Project and our services such as our Sharehouses to fight food waste is unique due to our:

  • networks to collect food AND be the primary agent in it’s redistribution 
  • ability to store larger amount of food and run our own logistical operation
  • commitment to the Pay As You Feel model and circular economy, meaning we don’t work with one particular group or demographic, but make food available to all. Food is food: we feed human beings!

Furthermore, Wrap has also created an online resource for farmers and growers. Food Surplus Network connects them with organisations like ours that take surplus foods. We’re a listed organisation and hope to make contact with farmers to direct extra surplus this way.

Please share and give us your thoughts.
Lets REALLY feed the world.