Posted by Rachel Trafford 04 Jun 2019

This week, we are celebrating Volunteers Week, and those who give so much to The Real Junk Food Project every week.

We want to recognise their kindness by sharing their experiences and achievements across this week. Since opening the Kindness Sharehouse HQ in Wakefield, our team have surpassed the 100 ton milestone of food intercepted! This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of our volunteers giving hundreds of their hours.

Why are our volunteers so important?

Everything we do is on a Pay As You Feel economic model and we are a small operations team. Donations and money we receive goes straight back into stopping food waste. Without people volunteering their time and skills, The Real Junk Food Project simply wouldn’t exist.

It’s not just about what they do, it’s HOW they do it: with kindness. We use #kindness on our social media posts. It’s in the name of our Sharehouse and it’s on the wall in big letters! It’s no accident that people that volunteer at Kindness are instrumental in spreading it by feeding people, sharing skills, time and creating inclusive community spaces that welcome everyone. Thats what we’re so proud of.

We are what we see in daily life, so the kinder we are the more likely it is that it will be passed onto others and into the community. We could all do with a bit more kindness in our daily lives. It’s free, it’s available to all and powerfully connects us all through meaningful and compassionate action. When we are connected to others, we are also kinder to ourselves.

Join us!

If you’re passionate about stopping food waste and want to join a great team of likeminded people to really feed the world, go to the bottom of our activities page to register. We are really in need of volunteer drivers for Mondays and Fridays (full days) and Wednesday afternoons. If you could drive our van and be a vital part of our team, please email logistics@trjfp.com #kindness