Living Wage Employer

Posted by Rachel Trafford 01 May 2019

The Real Junk Food Project has now been accredited as a Living Wage Employer. Our Living Wage commitment will see everyone working with us receive a minimum hourly wage of £9.00. We are primarily run by volunteers, but it is really important to us to recognise the contributions of our paid staff by ensuring we are providing a wage that is enough to live on. As they give so much back to TRJFP and the community, it is only right that we invest in them in the same way.

The real Living Wage is the only rate calculated according to the costs of living. It provides a voluntary benchmark for employers that wish to ensure their staff earn a wage that matches the cost of living. Since 2011 the Living Wage movement has delivered a pay rise to over 160,000 people and put over £800m extra into the pockets of low paid workers.

Our organisation is completely non-hierarchical, meaning no one earns above £9.00 an hour, from our coordinators to CEO and founder. This means that a much higher percentage of what is made by the project goes directly back into funding our environmental work and doing what we do best, preventing food from becoming waste and feeding bellies, not bins.